Dreamjob Kid’s Doctor – My little hospital

In "Dreamjob Kid's Doctor – My little hospital" you take excellent care of all your little patients with booboos and serious ailments. Learn a lot about the human body, medicine, ,anatomy, illnesses, health and nutrition.

Dreamjob Kid’s Doctor – My little hospital.

Realistic simulation of working as a pediatrician

Be a pediatrician and take excellent care of all your patients booboos and serious ailments. In the process, you are going to learn a lot about the human body, illnesses, health and nutrition.

Your own little hospital

You will take on some important medical duties which are part of the day-to-day work in a doctor‘s office.

Great graphics, realistic sounds

Learn how to go about medical treamtents, how to use medical equipment, and how to decorate and grow your doctor‘s office. Thrilling graphics, realistic sound effects, a simple touch screen interface.

Discover your dreamjob

Your dream job „pediatrician“ will instantly become a reality with this mix of realistic pediatric simulation and playful learning game.


In several localized languages: German, English, French,  Spanish, Italian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese.

8 years+

This game is best suited for young and old simulation-game lovers 8 years or older


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