Games for the whole family

A small overview about a few of our Apps


Finally you can open your own hotel for cats and decorate it just as you wish to! If you care for your kitties, cure them from illnesses and play with them, they’ll soon be able to return to their owners happily and healthy.


Prove your balance and help the cute kitties with their plan to build the biggest tower in the world. Only you can help the cats! But you have to pile and place them neatly and correctly, so that all the kittens won’t tumble down right after the start.

Fantasy Baby Animals

Hurl yourself into a magical adventure and lift dark curses from majestic, mythical creatures! There’s a lot to do for you in the park for magical animal babies. So heat up the coal for the fiery phoenixes and collect sugary fruit for the cute unicorns!


Open your very own dog hotel and care for many cute dogs! You can decide how to decorate the cages – from pirate-bathtubs to the sausage bowls. Care for cute labradors and little beagles and train them to do impressive tricks and parcours!

WildLife America

The rangers need your help! In the wildlife sanctuary, more and more injured animals arrive every day. Dress the majestic wolf’s wounds and vaccinate the cheeky raccoon, so that they can be passed on to bigger reservations and parcs as soon as they’re well again.


Head off to the animal rescue Sunflower! Each day there are new animals arriving and slowly but surely, the old professor won’t be able to care for all the cats, dogs and hamsters anymore. Now it’s up to you: groom, feed and play!