Games for the whole family

A small overview about a few of our Apps

Show Jumping

The world’s jumping courses are waiting for you! No matter whether it’s Sydney, Paris, or New York: there are no limits to you and your horse’s adventures. Prove your talent and win every tournament – or create your very own courses!


In PetHotel, cute dogs, cheeky cats and lots of funny rodents are waiting for you! Care well for each animal that’s placed in your pension, fulfill all their individual needs and complete challenging quests to grow and improve your hotel!


Finally you can open your own hotel for cats and decorate it just as you wish to! If you care for your kitties, cure them from illnesses and play with them, they’ll soon be able to return to their owners happily and healthy.

My Red Panda

Hidden deep in the jungle, behind the bamboo, there’s a new friend waiting for you, so that you won’t have to go on adventures alone any more: your Red Panda!
Discover exciting games, form a deep friendship, and show him your affection.


Open your very own dog hotel and care for many cute dogs! You can decide how to decorate the cages – from pirate-bathtubs to the sausage bowls. Care for cute labradors and little beagles and train them to do impressive tricks and parcours!


Head off to the animal rescue Sunflower! Each day there are new animals arriving and slowly but surely, the old professor won’t be able to care for all the cats, dogs and hamsters anymore. Now it’s up to you: groom, feed and play!