Animal Hospital Africa

Play Animal Hospital 3D – Africa now!

Experience your personal safari in your very own animal hospital.

The features at a glance:

  • Look after zebras, lions, elephants, hippos and rhinos in a fantastic 3D build up game!
  • Decorate your hospital with typical African items and fitting designs!
  • Easy-to-learn gameplay and controlling!
  • Lots of features and expanding options!

Open your own animal hospital in Africa and treat the animals of the savannah!

It’s chaos in the savannah!
The little elephant has a knot in its trunk, the lions have lost their appetite and just what is that itchy rash that the hippos have got?
We need your skills! As the leader of the animal hospital in Africa, you’ll help the animals get healthy again. You’ll make diagnoses, treat your patients and make sure that your animal hospital is constantly growing with new wards and treatment rooms.

Come and see for yourself and start your adventure at the Animal Hospital 3D – Africa today!

Hours of gaming fun with a range of mini-games

Whether it’s a hippo, a lion, an elephant or a zebra – each animal in the savannah has its own illnesses and needs special treatment in order to get well again.
With the help of numerous mini-games, you can make diagnoses and decide how the animals need to be treated: apply band-aids, bandage up sprained hoofs, and use the ultrasound to find out the secret of why the lioness’s belly is suddenly so big.

Make sure the hippo doesn’t have to wait impatiently and don’t forget to carefully examine the zebra. The lion’s complaining about a stomach ache and the elephant’s leg needs to be x-rayed. The animals of the savanna are in real need of your help. So expand your hospital in the savannah – or do you want to keep a lion waiting?

Each time you successfully treat an animal, your reputation as a doctor in the savannah will grow and you can build new treatment rooms and treat new, more difficult illnesses.