Care for cats and play with them in your own cat hotel!

There is a lot to do in the hotel: Cleo urgently needs some activity,
Milo catched a cold and Tommy’s fur looks really messy.
Now it’s up to you! Look after all the cats, so they can return happily to their owners.

  • Now you can finally open your own hotel for cats!
  • Care for proud Maine Coons, admirable Burmese and cute British Shorthair by grooming their fur and playing with them.
  • There are three exciting games waiting for you and the kitties: Move the laser pointer across the room, let the cats knock over things and practice tricks with the cats!
  • Each kitty has got their own story and individual needs you have to meet.
  • Expand your hotel according to your wishes and transform it into the most beautiful hotel for cats!

Show your talent as lead of your own cat hotel!

With this job, not only cute kitties, but also many tasks and responsibility await you! You’ll have to make sure that all the cats are well, that they’ve got enough to eat, that their fur is always groomed nicely and that they enjoy their stay at your hotel. Each cat has different special tasks to work on, which the owners tell you in the beginning. The more you practice and the better you get, the more opportunities appear to decorate your hotel! Whether you’d like a carpet or a luxury grooming set – your wishes can come true in the cat hotel!

A day in the CatHotel is never going to be boring!

There are many possibilities of brightening your cats‘ stay in your hotel. Besides work, there’s still got to be time for a game, right? You’ve got three games to choose from to keep your guests happy. Mikey loves the laser pointer and chases it across the room while Kitty prefers to catch the cat teaser. Each cat has their preference so it’s never going to get boring for you!

The realistic graphics turn CatHotel into an exciting adventure!

With CatHotel young and old cat lovers can now experience the fun adventures of leading a hotel for cats! Thanks to the realistic and cute animations, the kitties come to life, react when they’re petted and show their current mood. New missions and items guarantee long lasting fun throughout the game. After the debut production of “DogHotel”, the second cooperation with the developers of It Matters Games also turned into a furry pleasure. So, cat lovers, what are you waiting for? Download CatHotel and open your own hotel for cats!