The puppies you have always dreamed of are now waiting for you and ready to cuddle!

You are now the favorite human of your own cute puppy dogs. They wants to be loved, caressed and entertained by you. In return you will receive all the love and endless faithfulness these little furballs have to give.

  • Take care of your own puppy dogs: you can bath them, feed them, caress them or just adore their cuteness.
  • You choose at any time whether you want to accompany the funny Dalmatian, the cute beagle, the intelligent Golden Retriever or other marvelous dogs.
  • Entertain your protégés: play with them, or let them do adorable tricks. They can even dance and jump on a trampoline!
  • Decorate and design the house just as you please!
  • Collect stars to unlock many nice surprises such as accessories and treats for your puppies.

The cuteness overload you always wanted 

The little puppies are always with you and are always happy when you take care of them, give them treats or just simply cuddle with them. The puppies react to touching and you will be impressed by the incredibly adorable animations in amazing 3D graphics. With your finger, you can nudge your new friends slowly out of their dreams so that they happily jump on the screen or beg on command with a wagging tail. While doing this they are always ready to cuddle or play and they are always in an intoxicatingly good mood. It only takes one look in their faithful little button eyes for you to fall under their spell and to give them attention, which they adore.

Funny Masquerades

The little puppies love it when you search for funny accessories in the wardrobe room so that you can dress them up. Hats, shoes, bows and other things are ready so that you can get started with costuming right away. Your fantasies have no limits; decorate your darlings according to your imagination. If you are happy with the result, then you can create a photographic memory of the experience. Let your dogs pose for the camera and create unforgettable snapshots.

Fun activities with no end in sight

You thought that you can’t really rock out with dogs? You thought wrong: together with your little puppies you heat up the stereo system and can marvel their clumsy dance moves. According to the mood, you choose the different songs and decide which funny movements of the puppies should correspond to the rhythm. A good mood is guaranteed! If this is still not enough for you, let your dogs try out the trampoline. You will be amazed by how high they can jump. And they can even do flips in mid-air! Or you could take your buddies out in the pretty garden area and go on a treasure hunt together. For sure your puppies will find something nice for you to have even more fun together!

Collect stars and earn surprises

You collect stars with every mission. Once you’ve reached a certain amount, a cool surprise waits for you each time. Cool dog accessories such as treats and toys are hidden in the gift packets for unending game fun with your new friends.