Dolphins of the Caribbean

A tropical adventure awaits!

Do you want to join the adventure-trip to the Caribbean Sea?
In this animal-simulation you will care for two cute dolphins
and solve the mystery of a pirate‘s treasure …

Animal simulation meets pirate adventure

Let‘s go on an amazing trip to the Caribbean. You will care for two dolphins and solve the mystery of a pirate‘s treasure. You spend your vacation on the Caribbean island of Tirimoa where you will have the opportunity to help out at a dolphin rescue facility.

Care for your dolphins

You need to gain the dolphins‘ trust and prepare them for their return to freedom. The dolphins require fresh fish, medication, daily interactions, love and lots of training.

Great graphics and realistic sounds

Soon you even travel by motorboat and accompany the dolphins out on the ocean, around the island and go on exciting Caribbean Sea Adventures.

Solve the pirates mystery

Further, the islanders are talking about a legendary pirate‘s treasure. Can the mystery be solved? You and the dolphins will be going on an exciting treasure hunt!