Hippo Sports

Train together with the funny hippo!

You can prove your talent in three workout categories and lead the hippo to unexpected success!

 The features of Hippo Sports

  • The funny sports tamagotchi for young and old!
  • Motivate the lazy hippo to work out and treat him with yummy snacks afterwards!
  • Prove your sportiness while training for karate, for rope jumping and on the trampoline
  • Celebrate every success with the hippo and beatifully designed post cards!
  • Individualize your training with funny accessories and new sports clothes

Prove your skills in three different disciplines!

Are you in the mood for training? Watch out for the orange balls flying towards hippo and clear the ball with professional karate kicks and punches. On the trampoline you’ll have to wait for the right moment in order to prevent hippo from falling to the ground. Show all your acrobatic skills and pose mid-air! Finally, there’s also the possibility to rope jump with hippo! Here you’ll have to prove your instinctive feel, because hippo’s legs really like to get tangled..

Brilliant 3D quality and entertainment guaranteed!

The lovingly and carefully designed world of „Hippo Sports“ offers many opportunities to have fun with hippo. The sports games really are made for young and old. An implemented ragdoll feature provides Hippo with realistic movements while working out, but also while tripping or falling. This is predetermined fun – even when you make a mistake!

Have tons of fun with your friend hippo!

Hippo is always ready for a funny little workout together! Prepare him by dressing him with funny accessories and sports clothes which you’ll be able to unlock over time. The higher you climb on the level tree, the more items will be activated! With yummy snacks you can treat hippo after an exhausting, successful day in the gym. And don’t forget to take a shower – hippo doesn’t smell too good after working out!