Wildlife America

Become a helper of the Rangers!

Rescue the wild Animals of North America an Heal wounded bears,
decorate the wolves‘ preserve and give the squirrels
everything they need in order to find responsible owners.

Find a new home for your rescues

Of course the wild animals can’t stay with you forever, because they need more space and nature to be happy for longer. So you have to organize the conveying for every animal, as soon as they’re healthy again. Game parks, reservations and zoos send inquiries and it’s up to you to make the right decisions. If every wish and all the conditions match, don’t hesitate to send your rescue into its happy future.

Heal the wild animals

The rangers are desperate: Daily there are more and more injured wild animals arriving at their rescue center and they won’t be able to manage all the work for much longer. So they addressed you as the animals‘ last hope. Heal their wounds and find them new homes in parcs and reservations. As soon as an animal arrives at the center, its illness needs to be diagnosed quickly. When you know what’s wrong with your patient, you’ll have to do everything to ensure a good recovery.
Clean the preserves, decorate them with fitting objects, supply enough food and water and simply have an eye on the animals’ needs. Only then, they’ll soon be able to romp around the woods again.

WildLife America: Free

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Stunning 3D Graphics

The wild animals of North America never looked as realistic as in Wild Life America: the lovingly animated 3D graphics turn your game experience into a real adventure. Look at the majestic wolves in close-up, watch the funny hustle and bustle of the raccoons and care for the black bears.
So what are you waiting for? Help the rangers and hurl yourself into the adventure that is Wild Life America!