Create your own world!

Go on a colorful journey with the cute dog DogBiscuit and meet a whole lot of new crayon-friends! You decide how your world should look like!

 Features of DogBiscuit

  • A cute little story for young and old painters!
  • Accompany DogBiscuit and his crayon friends on an exciting journey!
  • More than 30 great motives to draw and paint!
  • Nice and relaxing atmospheric music
  • No reading skills needed

Travel around the world and meet new friends!

At the beginning of the game, there is just a door on a plain white background. Out of this door steps DogBiscuit, the cute little dog and wonders: Where did his house go? The player has to help DogBiscuit and draw him a new house around the door. When that’s done, the little dog can finally begin his journey through the orchard. But in the orchard, there are many fruit trees and bushes missing for harvesting! The poor crayon-farmers urgently need your help!

The intuitive gameplay guarantees huge fun!

The lovingly and carefully designed environment and characters in DogBiscuit make the game come to life and turn it into a great experience for the entire family. No matter if preschool child or grandmother – everyone can participate in making DogBiscuit’s world a bit more colorful! That’s why our game was nominated for the german childrens’ software award TOMMI! Try it out  yourself and go with DogBiscuit on an exciting journey.

Child-oriented graphics and mechanics

To find your way through the colorful world of DogBiscuit, you’ll only need your finger! With swiping motions the player explores the orchard, the beach and even space. When there’s something to draw, the finger is also enough to make huge trees, stars and umbrellas come to life! This way, even the youngest players can fully enjoy this interactive coloring book.