Max and the Secret Formula

Help Max repair the leaning tower!

Explore uncle Pong’s curious house and look for all the hidden numbers
in order to complete the secret formula and save Lisa’s tower!

 Features of Max and the Secret Formula

  • A renewed classic from Tivola!
  • Funny and intuitive gameplay even for young adventurers!
  • Playful introduction of the first numbers
  • No reading skills needed!
  • With the original narrator’s voice!

Explore Max’s exciting world!

The little dog Max from the nice little village Rightaroundthecorner leads a nice, normal life. But one day, the post man arrives in the village and brings a letter for Max from his uncle Pong from Veryfaraway! Uncle Pong writes that aunt Lisa’s leaning tower seems to fall down! Only Pong’s special secret formula could save the tower now. But unfortunately, he has hidden the necessary numbers all over his house and forgotten, where! Now it’s up to Max to solve the task and save Lisa’s tower!

A lovingly designed story for young and old

The story of Max is not only suitable for school children, but also for kindergarten adventurers and also parents or grandparents! Flexibly usable – whether as bedtime story or just on-the-go – this game offers variation and fun for young and old. Funny elements, great voice acting and lovingly designed graphics complete the game and turn it into an interactive storybook.

Great graphics and funny animations

The mechanics of „Max and the secret formula“ was developed and planned as highly intuitive and is therefore well suited for small gaming fans as well. Thanks to the carefully chosen narrators, reading skills become unnecessary and the atmosphere of the story is transported just as in radio plays! In a playful way, kids get to know the first numbers and together with Max encounter funny acquaintances and curious inventions of uncle Pong. Long lasting fun guaranteed!

20 years of Tivola: Our present for you!

Max’s story turns 20 in fall 2015, just as Tivola does! Because of this auspicious occasion, we reworked the first, German PC game for kids, optimized it for mobile devices and improved parts of the story in order to offer well-known fun in new graphics. Thanks to the creator and illustrator, Barbara Landbeck, we were able to reuse the original graphics and renovate them to make the game fit to mobile devices. For more information on Barbara Landbeck, please visit