Princess Lillifee and The Fairy Ball

The new fun for all fairy friends: Princess Lillifee celebrates a great Fairy Ball!

And of course all of her friends are invited. Ursli helps decorating the marquee,
Cindy bakes delicious cakes for the guests and for the grand finale,
Lillifee is asked to dance by Prince Wladimir!

Great fun for all fairy friends

Princess Lillifee has invited: she would love to have a glittering celebration in her magical fairy garden. But this is not a normal party, it’s a great fairy ball with music, dance and a banquet! For that, there are many preparations needed. Who bakes the cakes? Who decorates the garden? And what’s up with the magical fireworks?

Magical minigames

Just before the great evening there’s still a lot to do! In magical minigames, balloons are formed and designed, cakes are decorated, fairy dresses are put on and much more! Additionally, there are many hidden surprises to be found in the fairy garden! And of course Prince Wladimir is also awaiting a magical dance with his darling Lillifee. It’s not going to be boring in the colourful fairy garden!

Intuitive controlls and easy handling

Thanks to the lovingly voice output also little fairy friends will get to know the fairy garden in the blink of an eye! For this game, no reading knowledge is needed, because Princess Lillifee explains the easy controlling via touchscreen and provides tips and help, as soon as the player needs them.

Loveley drawn graphics

“Princess Lillifee and the fairy ball” wins over with its lovingly designed world and minigames. Whether it’s about the delicious cakes, the impressive fireworks or festive costumes – thanks to the colourful graphics, the gaming experience turns into great fun for all fairy friends!