Explore Vincelot’s exciting medieval world!

Accompany the little knight Vincelot on his journey through the kingdom of Dragonstone.
On your adventure, you will meet lots of new frends, funny animations and exciting mini-games!

  • Carefully hand-drawn, beautiful 2D illustrations!
  • Show your skills, creativity and keen eye in 4 exciting mini-games.
  • More than 100 complex and funny animations!
  • Great sounds and a friendly storyteller complete the medieval experience.

A lovingly designed adventure for small knights

Vincelot from the kingdom of Dragonstone has only one heart’s wish since he was little: Someday he wants to be a strong, brave knight! But in order to become one, he has to prove himself in challenging tasks first and – most importantly – he has to find the legendary golden armour! Accompany Vincelot on his adventurous journey and discover exciting plans, such as the tournament, Dragonstone Castle and the medieval market! There is a lot to explore on your way!

Vivid sounds and funny animations

The controllings in Vincelot were designed and set very intuitively, so that small gaming fans can also enjoy the whole experience. Thanks to the carefully selected, friendly storytellers supporting the game in 12 languages, reading skills are completely unnecessary. Furthermore, there are no long tutorials or menus disturbing the player’s flow. With Vincelot, you can discover, explore and play at your very own pace!

Varied mini-games guarantee lots of fun!

In order to make Vincelot not only fun for grown-up but also young middle age fans, there are four varied mini-games included. Sometimes action-packed, sometimes creative and calming, but always lovingly and intuitively designed, our mini-games are suitable for anyone. Prove your talent in archery, but try to hit the right targets! Find Paula’s colourful balls in a hidden object game and help the painter design the royal coat of arms. In the end, you can then direct the band of bards and provide beautiful melodies for the castle guests.