Boulder Rush

Time for some digging!

Swing your pickaxe, little dwarf, and become the savior of all animals!

  • As a cute dwarf, rescue all the animals in danger!
  • Destroy the stones, collect coins and don’t forget to find a lettuce from time to time!
  • Choose from five different dwarves with special abilities
  • Look into your personal album to see all rescued animals again

The digging fun with cute animals!

In this swift casual game it’s all about you as a little dwarf and a big animal lover to save as many inhabitants of the fairytale forest from the dark, deep den. Destroy the stones on your way with tricky combos and go deeper underground to collect rare and mysterious animals.

View your personal album and receive rewards for collected animals

In your own album, all the animals that you already rescued are listed. Additionally, you’ll find information about how many animals of a kind you could save and which are still missing from your collection. In the menu you can choose your favorite dwarf and use his cool items!

Have an eye on your lettuce!

Since all of your dwarves are vegetarians, it’s important to always have an eye on their lettuce intake, or else they won’t dig as efficiently. If you’re too careless about their nutrition it could happen that Olaf faints right on the spot. So check the lettuce bar and give yourself some rest from all these coins and animals for once!