Candy Cat Tennis

Defeat the evil gumball machine!

Are you up for a round of tennis? Let go of every candy cane and sweet pie and smash all the candies the machine throws at you.

  • Never played tennis with a fat cat?
  • Train your skills in 4 challenging levels
  • Unlock even more kitties for more excitement!
  • Listen to the cool 8-bit music while playing

Help the cat’s weight loss in this new arcade game

Every diet program has failed and now it’s time for a really effective training method! In this casual arcade game it’s all about eliminating a totally crazy gumball machine and resisting the sweet temptations it shoots at the poor, chubby kitty! Hit all the candy and put the machine in its place!

The popular ball game in 2D retro style

With fat cats and sports, Candy Cat Tennis connects two seemingly different subjects – but that’s the thing which makes the retro game so great and fun! Help your protégé to eliminate the evil gumball machine and become the best feline tennis player of all time!

Finally, a fun diet!

This 2D pixel sports game offers great tennis fun to its players in four different, exciting levels with easy mechanics yet hard-to-learn hitting techniques. Losing weight is never easy, that’s why you have to do your best and beat your highscores to unlock more cats!