Pile 8-bit kittens!

The entertaining click game with a fun 8-bit retro look for all cat lovers

Be the constructor of the first cat-tower ever!

  • Show everyone your stacking skills!
  • Don’t let yourself be distracted by quests, levels or other junk – just stack the cats!
  • Honestly, we don’t ask for anything else from you – you only have to stack the kittens

Help the kitties on their way to the moon!

A long time ago, a group of brave cats gathered in order to perfect their acrobatic skill and create an endless tower together with a master in stacking and balancing. That’s what they were trained for, that’s what they chose to do – and now they need you to make their dream come true! What are you waiting for: Do you want to fail the little kitties?

Easy to understand, tricky to play!

The game mechanics couldn’t be easier: Let a kitty fly and make it land as straight on the back of his predecessor as you possibly can. Sounds too lame for a pro gamer? Far from it! Physical laws do exist in cat land and not only do you have to stack properly, but also you have to take care that the whole tower of cats doesn’t fall apart at once! Try hard and do your best, so that the kittens can achieve their aim after all these years of work.