Chess & Mate

Chess and Mate is the chess program for the whole family!

You can learn the basics of chess with this app as well as adopt the tricks
and intricacies of this popular strategy and board game.

Features of Chess and Mate

  • Train yourself on chess rules in an unlimited amount of practice games
  • Perfect for both beginners and pros thanks to many exercises and explanations
  • Animated with care and fantasy filled game ambience
  • Learn professional tricks and game tactics
  • Multiplayer option – Play against other gamers

The Chess-App for the whole family

Prince Kaspar’s castle has many rooms in which the individual chess pieces are introduced. Depending on how much prior knowledge you bring into the chess game, you can have every piece introduced to you at your own pace. Lots of exercises are at your fingertips in which you can directly apply what you’ve learned.

What others think about Chess and Mate

“[…] we can’t think of any better chess app for children!” (

“Chess and Mate is great all around. The goal of providing a kid friendly and above all understandable introduction to the game of chess is achieved. The graphic presentation is very suitable for children and is designed with many intricate details.” (

Learn the chess rules with a didactic concept

In addition, you’ll find all possible finesses and secrets in the big chess book in Prince Kaspar’s library such as the pawn fork, the Italian gambit, or the scholar’s mate. Do you know castling or the “en passant” move yet?Naturally Prince Kaspar is ready to play a round of chess with you at any time. First you have to defeat him, then you’re allowed to also play with Capt’n Black.