Fury Zoo

The animals are furious – help them with their revenge!

Everywhere you look in the zoo – only people with beeping smartphones, flashing cameras and sticky fingers. This has to have an end now! The annoyed zoo animals fight and spit back to get their well-deserved peace back. Help them!

  • Defend the animals’ enclosures by spitting and splashing!
  • Easy-to-learn mechanics, challenging levels
  • Cute and funny 2D graphics with great animations
  • Unlock tigers, bears and elephants and get upgrades!
  • Great gameplay guarantees long-lasting fun!

Chase the rude park visitors away from your enclosure!

Llama, tiger, elephant and bear are furious: zoo visitors with sticky fingers and annoying cameras really get on their nerves and disturb their well-deserved peace! This has to have an end now and so they’re planning their revenge. You can help the animals and defend the park against rude guests by spitting, spluttering and shooting them away!

Collect coins and hit lunchboxes to improve your skills

During the game, you can shoot lunchboxes and collect golden coins. This way, you’ll not only raise your highscore, but also be able to spend the money on cool upgrades to improve your animals’ skills! That’s how the zoo will soon be your territory again!

Start as a llama and then unlock many more great zoo animals

At first, you’ll start in the llama’s enclosure and help it to fend off the masses of holiday visitors with sharp shot saliva. But throughout the game, you can also unlock more great animals: the grumpy bear, the majestic tiger and even the impressive elephant! All these animals use different techniques to repel the zoo’s guests – this way, the game never gets boring!