Pharaohs Golden Amulet

Hidden object puzzle adventure for the whole family!

Can you explore the secret of the pharaoh?
In an attic you find the diary of the missing explorer Alfred Rasmussen.
Can you solve the mystery surrounding the missing explorer?


  • 21 different locations with more than 40 detailed hidden-object image
  • 5 different hidden-object game modes – search dark shadows, find new items or all the objects on a secret list
  • Plus lots more logic and concentration tasks
  • Collect coins to unlock new challenges
  • Find over 750 different objects
  • Never boring – there are always new combinations of objects
  • The Eye of the Pharaoh will help you if you can’t find an object in an image

Mysterious riddles will entertain your whole family

In the thrilling hidden object adventure “The Pharaoh’s Golden Amulet” you travel to Egypt to solve tricky logic puzzles, find hidden objects and survive dangerous adventures.
Logic, concentration and a keen eye are required if you want to uncover the mystery behind the Pharaoh’s Golden Amulet.

Logic and concentration needed

Besides the lovingly designed hidden-object images, The Pharaoh’s Golden Amulet offers all kinds of other games that will challenge your powers of deduction and your logical thinking. Find your way through mazes, identify objects with specific properties, or rotate figures to fit them together.

Find all the hidden objects

In search of the missing explorer you encounter over 40 different hidden-object pictures and over 750 hidden objects. Whether it’s finding specific objects, finding shapes again or discovering new elements in a picture – The Pharaoh’s Golden Amulet offers hours of entertainment.

Designed For Young And Old

On your adventure through Egypt you’ll meet many of Alfred Rasmussen’s companions who will give you important information and provide you with new challenges. Step by step you close in on the dark secret. If you cannot solve a puzzle immediately, the Eye of the Pharaoh will help you. You can use this to get hints or to find specific items right away.