Puzzle fun with Capt’n Sharky

Pirates Ahoy!

Go on an adventure and sail the seven seas with famous Capt’n Sharky and his crew!
Lovingly drawn motives and the child oriented design provide a unique gaming experience.

The colorful puzzle fun with Capt’n Sharky!

  • Meet Michi, Coco and many other friends during exciting adventures!
  • Each level deals with another subject so that the game never gets boring!
  • Intuitive controls and complete audio support turn the game into pirate’s delight – also for small children!

Solving puzzles with Capt’n Sharky

Together with Capt’n Sharky, little seamen solve the most tricky puzzles. The faster the player is, the more stars he gains as reward. Of course it doesn’t always stay that easy as in the beginning, because the difficulty is increasing with every level. Eventually, only smart pirates are in demand!

Many colorful subjects in different levels

Who would Sharky be without his loyal crew? With Michi, Coco, Fips and all the others, he crosses the oceans and encounters many adventures. The various levels all treat different subjects – the player visits Sepio the sea monster or celebrates on the ship while getting to know the exciting world of Capt’n Sharky!

Child-oriented controlling and lovingly drawn motives

The puzzle fun with Capt’n Sharky offers continuous fun with its intuitive controlling and the colourful motives which are also suitable for smaller children. Only a swipe is needed to move the pieces around. By tapping on a puzzle piece, it rotates clockwise. Puzzling turns into pirate‘s play!
The picture book scenes used in the game are lovingly drawn and illustrated. In each level there’s a new subject to explore – for example an adventure on a lonely island or an encounter with other pirates.