Tivola is a German publisher of apps and games for children. The portfolio includes learning programs for pre-school and school, animal simulations, but also games, in which the fun is the center of attention. All our products are united by the will to offer kids age-appropriate and intelligent entertainment – with topics that both delight and engage them.

What is the Tivola-Vision?

We like to call our concept the “Tivola Vision” and it consists of three parts:

Interactive Entertainment

Clever interactions as core function of all our products

Child-oriented Apps

Age-appropriate design and sensitive choice of topics

Intellectual Fun

Games that demand requirements

The company exists quite a while now, doesn’t it?

In 1995, our first product “Max and the secret formula” was the first German computer game for children and made Tivola famous over night. Since then, we produce games and media for children. In the past, it was mostly CD-ROMS, but also books and games for mobile consoles. These days we concentrate nearly exclusively on apps for tablets and smart phones. In the child sector, you swap your target group completely every four years – to us it’s important to always be represented where the media usage of children is the highest.

In the future there will always be new platforms and possibilities to teach children the fun in playing and learning simultaneously. But the products of Tivola share one aspect besides all these innovations: every title from Tivola’s portfolio is based on highly elaborate game principles, is innovative and will always be distinguished by its high optical, acoustical and technical quality. The most important criterion nevertheless remains in our promise to guarantee kids the most possible fun in playing and experiencing small and big adventures.

Which brands does Tivola feature?

Over the years we have worked with several brands: Inkheart, TKKG, Snoopy, The Little Prince, Captain Bluebear, Vicky the Viking,  Maya the Bee and many more. A long-term collaboration connects us to the Coppenrath publishing company and its characters Princess Lillifee and Capt’n Sharky. Nevertheless, we produce mostly apps ourselves these days, for example the “Successfully Learning” series, the “PetWorld” games or newer productions such as “Grandpa and the Zombies”.

The “PetWorld” series, currently the flagship of our productions, places animals in the center of attention. With these games it’s all about showing your affection for animals in beautiful 3D worlds. The bandwidth reaches from the care of horses to thrilling insights into the Dream job Veterinarian through to the management of a dolphin station.

With “Successfully Learning” Tivola has placed itself by far on the leading position for digital learning in the afternoon sector. Beginning with the educational software for PC, Tivola nowadays offers its multiple rewarded educational game series for all platforms. Today the brand is established in many children’s rooms as natural companion in their daily life in elementary school.

What does Tivola mean?

When Tivola was founded in 1995, each one of the three founders contributed two letters from their own names to the company’s name: Mil Thierig, Carlo Voelker and Barbara Landbeck were their names.

How is the company structured?

Tivola’s full name is Tivola Publishing GmbH, lead by Christopher R. Koeppler and Hendrik Peeters as executive directors.
We direct our worldwide activities in app publishing from our base in Hamburg, but work hand in hand with international developers and marketing partners.
Our majority shareholder is the Deutsche Druck- und Verlagsgesellschaft (ddvg) (“German Printing- and Publisher Inc.”).


Tivola Publishing GmbH
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D-22769 Hamburg, Germany

Email: apps@tivola.de
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